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About Shared Lives Plus

Shared Lives Plus is the UK network for family-based and small-scale ways of supporting adults. Our members are Shared Lives carers and workers, and Homeshare programmes. Shared Lives used to be known as Adult Placement.

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About Shared Lives

about shared lives coverShared Lives is a little known alternative to home care and care homes for disabled adults and older people. It is used by around 12,000 people in the UK and is available in nearly every area.


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What is Homeshare

Shared Lives Plus works with Homeshare schemes to develop common methods of working, research new areas of potential growth and campaign on issues which affect Homeshare. 



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Shared Lives in my area

Shared Lives plus has projects throughout the UK.

Find out more about Shared Lives Plus in your area.

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Latest News From Shared Lives Plus

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    Thanks to Anna (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), our Director of Support and Development, for this guest blog about a visit  from Rob Wilson MP,…
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    We know that we need prevention not crisis response – but that commissioners will not invest consistently in prevention, however…
  • Micro-enterprise: care and support on a scale that’s “just right”?
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