Shared Lives Plus

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Is Shared Lives for me?

Shared Lives can suit many kinds of people - in fact over 14,000 people already enjoy visiting or living with a Shared Lives carer.

As you choose each other, with the support of your local scheme, you often become friends - as well as getting the professional support you need.

Shared Lives carers support people from all walks of life!

You could be visit or move in with a Shared Lives carer and their family, when you are looking for support during a life change:

  • so you can leave hospital after treatment
  • rebuild your life after domestic abuse

or for longer term support:

  • if you’re a young person leaving care
  • experience dementia
  • mental ill health
  • or want to live with your child while needing care yourself.

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“"I never dreamt I'd be so independent again"”

- Steve, stroke survivor