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Domestic abuse

Shared Lives and domestic abuse

One in four women and one in six men will be victims of domestic abuse in their life time.

If you would like to find out more about our fully funded accomodation and support in Buckinghamshire  until end of March 2020, please contact Ali Miller 07867 452 159.

About the pilot

Finding the right place to live can be a huge challenge for victims and survivors: finding housing, keeping it, ensuring it’s safe and appropriate. During 2013/2014 Women’s Aid reported that 31% of referrals to refuges were turned away because of a lack of space. One in five people who experience domestic violence are homeless.

To stop the cycle of abuse, we need housing models that offer long term support so that survivors can rebuild and recover fully, and feel like part of a supportive community.

That’s why we are working together with domestic abuse charity, SafeLives to develop and test a new way of providing accommodation for survivors of domestic abuse. The pilot, funded by Department of Culture, Media and Sport, is running with Shared Lives schemes in Shropshire and Buckinghamshire. If successful, the scheme will be rolled out nationally.

“When it comes to housing, survivors have limited options – we believe everyone experiencing domestic abuse deserves better than this. We hope Shared Lives schemes will provide a further safe and secure environment for survivors to recover from the abuse, regain confidence and rebuild their lives.”

- Suzanne Jacob OBE, Chief Executive of SafeLives

“Over decades, we have seen how building healthy relationships and getting practical support from a carefully chosen and trained Shared Lives carer has enabled women fleeing domestic abuse to rebuild their lives at their own pace, with the support of a household who are with them for the long haul.

We are very excited to be working with SafeLives to develop this model more widely, including for women with learning disabilities, mental ill health and other support needs who have experienced domestic abuse.”

Alex Fox, CEO, Shared Lives Plus