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Our work on diversity, equalities and inclusion

The founding principles of Shared Lives and Homeshare are that people from different backgrounds choose to live and share their lives together. For decades, the people involved have rejected division, valued and respected each other for who they are, and fought for equality and inclusion.

We are committed to promoting and protecting human rights. We advocate strongly for people’s human rights to be respected and believe that if human rights can be our starting point for everyone, we will prevent many human rights breaches throughout housing, older age, health and social care.

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Since last year’s awful injustices that many black and minority ethnic colleagues, members and our wider community face was brought to our attention through the widespread protests and Black Lives Matters campaign, we have started to work with our team and members, Shared Lives carers, schemes and Homeshare services, to look again at how we can further increase inclusion within our work and our members’ services.

Our Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Action Group was formed to meet this objective and the meeting notes from this group are publicly available (see below).

On this page we will share our thoughts, experiences and practice across the network, for ourselves, our members and anyone who is interested in diversity and inclusion. Please contact our communications team to share your work here:

Shared Lives scheme practice

Shared Lives is one of the most diverse forms of social care services there is, and we bring people together for their similarities – and differences” – Shared Lives Waltham Forest

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“Giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination” Maxine Palmer, Shared Lives Plus Trustee, EDI lead and carer member


Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion action group - meeting notes

Shared Lives Plus equality and diversity survey – 2021