Shared Lives Plus

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Thank you for offering health support!

We are calling time on our project working with NHS England, seven schemes and local CCGs (clinical commissioning groups) earlier than planned. Many Shared Lives carers support people with health needs already, and the project has resulted in some very positive examples of Shared Lives being used effectively by the NHS for people with conditions like brain injury, and who faced additional complex needs which meant that traditional NHS services were not working.

However it has been difficult to get the NHS to use Shared Lives as a new type of service to the level we hoped it would. We’ve asked independent reviewers to find out how Shared Lives works and hasn’t worked for people with health needs, and potential and current Shared Lives carers, and we will make this available next year.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s worked so hard with NHS colleagues to create new ways of helping people with their health. Find out more.

Whilst this specific pilot project has come to an end, we are continuing to work with NHS England so that more people can stay or live with a Shared Lives carer as they manage a long-term health condition or while they recover their health, like Christina, who had breast cancer and used Shared Lives to return home.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved, we’ve all learnt a lot from it and look forward to growing Shared Lives for health with many more people in future. For information, please contact Emma Clarke, Assistant Director for Health and Development:,  07392 313 503