Shared Lives Plus

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Insurance if you need it

Our membership offers a range of support services to make life easier and know there’s back up when you need it – if the worst happens and for some reason, someone makes a claim against you, or you face de-approval from being a Shared Lives carer.

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Your membership with us includes:

Legal expenses – up to £100,000
• Assistance from specialist solicitors in response and in appeal of de-approval issues
• General legal advice
• Tax advice

Public liability insurance – up to £10m
You can be a Member even if you don’t need public liability insurance – for example if your council covers you. But you need to check the council insurance covers everything you need.

What is public liability insurance?
When you care for an elderly or disabled person you may be legally liable, should someone suffer a loss or be injured as a result of the actions of the person in your care, or under your supervision.

Public liability insurance protects Shared Lives carers from claims arising from personal injury or property damage to a third party as a result of alleged negligence on your part.

Our partners Towergate have many years of understanding the unique nature of family-based Shared Lives care and have developed a policy which provides effective and broad cover. Towergate’s Public Liability policies also include being sued by a service user for abuse cover for physical, mental or financial losses.

House and contents insurance
Our partners Towergate offer tailored household insurance which recognises the person who lives with you as a member of your family instead of a tenant! This means you are covered for accidental damages just as you would be for a relative. You can get a 10% discount on your current insurers’ rates for the first year – you’ll be fully covered with no surprises when you least want it.

Become a member today!

“It was really good to have someone to talk to who actually knew how things worked and could give really helpful advice. ”

- Ann, Shared Lives carer