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Membership benefits

When you become a Shared Lives carer with your local Shared Lives service, you can join us as a member which gives you access to specialist support,  legal advice, specialist insurance, and mortgage brokers if you’re buying a new house, shopping discounts – and your all-important public liability insurance.

We also connect carers through thick and thin, so you’ve got a listening ear from: our carer helpline, online community chat forum, drop in online zoom cuppa for carers, and regional carer groups. We take over 200 calls from Shared Lives carers and represent Shared Lives carers and schemes in government, along with our partners in the social care sector. You won’t find a better collective for Shared Lives carers elsewhere!

Advice when you want it

Keep up to date

Insurance if you need it

Help getting the right mortgage

Discounts on shopping and days out

Emergency support

Join or renew your membership

Carer networking and peer support