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There are 3 workshop sessions during conference, with 33 different options to choose from.

Workshop one: Wednesday 12 October 2.00pm

Workshop two: Thursday 13 October 10.00am

Workshop three: Thursday 13 October 11.15am

Some workshops have limited seats available, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Conference booking is now closed


We have workshops aimed at different audiences, but unless explicitly mentioned  it explicitly says so you are welcome to come to any workshop that interest you. See the code below to identify the workshops for each group.


ALL (everyone)

SLS (Shared Lives scheme workers)

SLC (Shared Lives carers)

SL (Shared Lives carers and scheme workers)

HS (Homeshare workers and participants)

How to book your workshops

  1. Pick your first and second choices for each workshop session
  2. Make a note of the workshop title/code (1B, 2G etc)
  3. Go to the booking form and select the workshops you want to attend


Workshop Session 1 - Day One 2:00pm

1A – Public Liability (also available in session 3) SL

1B – Homeshare Aware ALL

1C – Recruitment Platform SL

1D – Website design for Shared Lives or Homeshare services ALL

1E – The Challenges of Setting up a New Shared Lives Service in Northern Ireland SLS

1F – Supporting health in Shared Lives SL

1G – Finances in Shared Lives – issues facing carers and  schemes – decision making and financial recording SL  This workshop is fully booked

1H – Using Communities of Practice for Shared Lives Development SL

1I – Wellbeing Hour ALL

1J – Human Rights ALL

1K – Business Continuity Planning ALL

1M – Meet Shared Lives Plus’ new Chief Executive ALL


Click here for full details of workshops available in session 1.

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Workshop Session 2 - Day Two 10:00am

2A – Design for Impact and Awareness SLS & HS

2B – Homeshare UK Social Franchising SLS & HS

2C – Safeguarding our Homeshare participants HS ONLY

2D – Family by Family ALL

2E – Policy and Shared Living ALL  This workshop is fully booked

2F – Dementia Friends ALL

2G – Making Change Happen – from initial ideas to restructuring of a Shared Lives service SLS

2H – Calculating your footprint: Mapping the environmental impact of Shared Lives schemes SLS

2I – Supporting parents with learning disabilities in Shared Lives SL

2J – Medicine Optimisation  ALL This workshop is fully booked

2K – Carer Networking SLC ONLY


Click here for full details of workshops available in session 2.


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Workshop 3 - Day Two 11:15am

3A – Public Liability (also available in session 1) SL

3B – Homeshare Relationship Endings HS ONLY

3C – Shared Lives carers and tax – Intellect Tax advisors SL

3D – Story Telling – creating a winning case study to raise awareness for your organisation ALL  This workshop is fully booked

3E – Social Media Intermediate level – how to plan, prepare and deliver an awareness campaign for Shared Lives and Homeshare SLS & HS

3F – New to Shared Lives? Shared Lives Plus membership and support for schemes SLS ONLY

3G – Independent Carer Groups – Let’s Connect SL

3H – A trauma-informed approach SL This workshop is fully booked

3I – Fire Safety in the Home SLC

3K – Working with Ambassadors, people with experience of Shared Lives, Homeshare and Family by Family to raise awareness ALL

3L – Supported Loving – Sex and Relationships ALL This workshop is fully booked


Click here for full details of workshops available in session 3.
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