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The twelve ways of giving!

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Christmas is a time where we all want to give and receive good cheer, and this year, the heroes in our network need it more than ever. You can help bring that cheer in twelve different ways!

Throughout the pandemic, Shared Lives carers and Homeshare providers have been keeping people safe and well in the places they feel loved and supported. Because of Covid-19 and the restrictions, many have been working harder, for longer and in very difficult circumstances.

We support them through the tough times with our dedicated Shared Lives carer helpline and Homeshare UK network. One phone call on the helpline with our carer support team can make a real difference to a Shared Lives carer and their whole family.  Our team can provide a friendly ear, specialist advice and guidance on a range of topics.

The average cost of such a phone call is £50, but anything you can give can help us offer our amazing carers a lifeline. Get involved with our twelve ways of giving and make sure our carers have the backup they need this Christmas.

  1. Vote for us!

Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good gifts a £1000 donation to ten charities every day over the 12 days of Christmas, based on the number of votes they receive.  Vote for us and we could fund up to 20 supportive calls on the Shared Lives carer helpline. Nominate us here – we’ve filled out the form already so it only takes a click!

  1. Donate the cost of a mince pie

Have you had your first mince pie of the year yet?! Consider donating the cost of your next Christmas treat to us – it all counts towards making sure amazing Shared Lives carers and Homeshare providers have the backup they need this Christmas. Suggested donation – £1

  1. Make a donation via our Text to Donate button – Text SHARED 70490 to donate £2

If you’re handy with your thumbs you could send us a Christmas donation over the phone!

  1. Donate the cost of your Christmas coffee or latte

Over the festive spell, all those delicious aromas perk us up. Why not donate the cost of your next coffee to us, so we can keep supporting our brilliant Shared Lives carers and Homeshare providers this Christmas. Suggested donation – £2.50

  1. Send Shared Lives Plus Christmas cards

Support those who share their homes and hearts with people to help them live a good life, by sending personalised Shared Lives Plus Christmas cards! Suggested donation – £5

  1. Don’t send Christmas cards – donate to Shared Lives Plus instead

You could help the environment and forgo Christmas cards this year, but still send a meaningful message and spread good cheer to those sharing their lives, by donating your usual Christmas card spend to us! Suggested donation – £10

  1. Dress festive and ask for a donation

Grab a pair of antlers, pull on that garish knitted jumper, or if you prefer, simply get dolled up in your finest to hang around the house. Show your friends and family your festive vestment and if they like what they see, ask them to make a donation to support Shared Lives carers this Christmas. Suggested donation – £20

  1. Buy your presents through Give as you live

Buying your Christmas gifts through Give as you live means a small percentage of your purchase will go towards ensuring Shared Lives carers have someone to talk to and rely on this Christmas. Simply sign up for free with Give as you live (it’s quick and easy), shop from a choice of 4000+ stores

  1. Donate the cost of an extra present

Imagine the circle of people that you share your life with is one bigger this year, and donate the cost of that extra present to Shared Lives Plus so we can make sure Shared Lives carers and Homeshare providers are supported this Christmas! Suggested donation – £50

  1. Organise online Christmas bingo

Could you get your friends together for an online Christmas bingo – or maybe a quiz? You could aim to get 20 people involved and get them all to pay £5 “entry”. Keep a £30 for the prize fund and donate the rest to Shared Lives Plus! Suggested donation – £70

  1. Organise your own online carol service and ask people to donate to attend

Carol singing in large groups will sadly not be possible this year, but you could take the harmonies online and spread good cheer through Zoom by organising a digital Christmas carol service! Ask attendees to donate to the cause of supporting Shared Lives carers and Homeshare providers for Christmas. Suggested donation – £100

  1. Take part in a virtual sporting event

Burn off your turkey and mince pies by challenging yourself to do something active like going on a 30 minute walk everyday or running up and down your stairs 100 times. Donate the money that you would save on a gym membership here. Suggested donation – £200