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Leave a gift in your will

You can help shape a kinder, stronger society for future generations by leaving a gift to Shared Lives Plus in your will.

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Writing or updating your will does not have to be a stressful or worrying experience. With the right advice and support it can make a huge difference and be a great source of comfort to you and your family.

By remembering Shared Lives Plus in your will, it will also help us to carry on our vital work supporting Shared Lives carers and promoting the many benefits, and amazing outcomes, of shared living.

If you are planning your estate, please consider supporting Shared Lives Plus with a legacy helping thousands more people enjoy a #GoodLife, shared!

Christine's story

“A year or so ago, my son and I were about as brave as we could get. We talked about what would happen to him when I died.  And realistically, it was about time; I was over seventy and he was forty-plus, autistic and had ADHD. Living together, we could take care of each other. If I wasn’t there, he couldn’t look after himself, and there was no other family to step in. It had been a worry for some time – the sort that leaves you in the small hours, staring in terror through the darkness.

“So I looked around on the internet. I went to a Shared Lives open day in a neighbouring town, where they were so welcoming they brought me to tears. And at last I found Shared Lives in the town we live in. I shall never forget my first visit, and to the relaxed yet concerned attention of the two managers. They seemed to understand exactly what the issues were and were confident that they could – and would – help.

While I was still upright and healthy and able to care for my son, they offered some day support every week. Later, they would do their best to find a local family where he could have a chance to be welcomed and content. Happily, we’re still in the first phase.

About this time I was writing a new will and putting my house into trust for my son’s benefit. My solicitor asked for some ‘future-proofing’. That meant nominating one or two future beneficiaries, just in case my son died before all the equity in the house was used. And who better to be named in my will than Shared Lives Plus?

“It’s a small and uncertain donation which may never come to anything, and I wish I could do more to express my gratitude. But it’s something – something to say thank you to Shared Lives for taking a real interest, understanding the frightening insecurities of our position, taking a load off my shoulders, and stepping in with reassurance, complete understanding, and a warm smile.”