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Looking for big hearts!

When TV actress Arabella Weir went in search of kindness, she found it in an ordinary home with two unrelated people sharing an extraordinary life. Mary was a retired nurse, adopted children and a coop-full of ex-battery hens.... but her house - and her heart - weren’t full up yet!

When Sinead left hospital, she was told her only option was a care home. At 26, she didn’t want to live in an institution with people who were so much older than her. That’s when Mary and Sinead met through their local Shared Lives scheme.Mary is a Shared Lives carer and they now share home, family and community life. Mary says it makes for “A richer sort of life!” Sinead agrees, saying “I fought to stay here!”You could change somebody’s life by becoming a Shared Lives carer too. You could:

  • welcome someone into your home and life
  • help them with socialising, shopping or self-confidence
  • continue rehab after an operation
  • provide a consistent relationship after a breakdown or dementia
  • become the joint champions at your local bowling alley or pub quiz!

It sounds ordinary, but you will be a paid professional carer, making a real difference in your own home. Shared Lives care performs best for quality and safety of all social care, inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

Want to change someone’s life by sharing yours? If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll ask your local scheme to get in touch with you.

““I would recommend anyone to be a Shared Lives carer!"”

- Mary, London

The first step on your journey is to get in touch with your local regulated Shared Lives scheme. If you can’t find their details, please use the form below.

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