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Shared Lives Plus Scheme Zone

About Shared Lives Schemes

All Shared Lives arrangements come under the management of a Shared Lives scheme, and there are around 150 Shared Lives schemes across the UK.

Shared Lives arrangements are arranged and monitored by a registered Shared Lives scheme, whose role includes assessing the ongoing suitability and safety of the Shared Lives carer’s home and accommodation provided to the person living in the Shared Lives arrangement; carrying out DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service – similar to a police or CRB check) on the Shared Lives carer; and ensuring the property meets fire, electrical and gas safety regulations.

Shared Lives schemes are responsible for recruiting, training and approving Shared Lives carers and all Shared Lives scheme have to be registered by the Care Quality Commission (or CSSIW in Wales and Care Inspectorate in Scotland) Shared Lives schemes are individually inspected on a regular basis.

Shared Lives schemes are also responsible for “matching”; the process by which Shared Lives carers and people who use Shared Lives services are matched for compatibility, which is the foundation of a successful and mutually beneficial Shared Lives arrangement.

Shared Lives schemes are either directly run by local authorities or by charities and social enterprises. Almost all Shared Lives schemes operate geographically on the same boundaries as the local council body that has responsibility for Adult Social Care.

Shared Lives schemes can choose to join and be supported by Shared Lives Plus. We provide them with support, co-ordination and guidance, as well as being a strong voice for the sector with politicians and decision makers. Around 99% of Shared Lives schemes are members of Shared Lives Plus.

You can find out about your local Shared Lives scheme here

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Contact our Schemes Team

Contact the Schemes Team who will be happy to help you.

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Senior Quality and Support Officer

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Support and Quality Officer

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