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Wales was the first of the four UK nations to have Shared Lives services across every Local Authority area. Shared Lives carers open their homes and lives to nearly 1,000 people who need support with daily life across Wales, including those with dementia, mental ill health, older age or young people leaving care. With the right support and investment, like that which has seen Shared Lives grow by 8% and 13% in leading areas, Shared Lives could create positive outcomes  for up to 55,000 older people in Wales.

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“To all Shared Lives carers and schemes, I offer my thanks for your compassion and the difference you make to others, many more people now, and in the future, will understand the benefits of Shared Lives services, and make a positive choice to use them.”

- Mark Drakeford, First Minister for Wales

The latest report on Shared Lives in Wales, available below, describes how older people in Wales who are receiving the support of a Shared Lives carer, are continuing to enjoy family life at home and are part of warm and positive human relationships. It includes all the key statistics on Shared Lives in Wales and is also full of the beautiful stories that show the true power of Shared Lives, such as that of Julie who has created a sensory relaxation space in the garden of her new home:

“I feel safe and happy here. … It’s time for me now. This is my home and I am happy here. I feel I can speak up for myself and talk about any problems I may have.”

- Julie, part of a Shared Lives match in Wales