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Shared Lives in Scotland

519 Shared Lives carers open up their homes to support 572 people in Scotland live richer lives, including those with a learning disability, mental ill health, dementia, physical impairment and other types of support needs.

Shared Lives in Scotland 2021-2022

The Shared Lives sector in Scotland has had a positive year. The contraction in services during the pandemic has been reversed, services have re-opened, processes adapted, more Shared  Lives carers recruited, and there are plans for more growth.

The resilience of Shared Lives carers has shone through as they continued to provide support to vulnerable people, even as other services fall away.

The data in this report paints a picture of a small, resourceful and, above all, resilient Shared Lives sector rooted in bespoke, person-centred care. It shows that Shared Lives remains strong, even in the face of recent challenges, and that it still has significant scope for growth with investment and support.

But behind the statistics, it tells the stories of real people whose lives have been changed by being supported in a Shared Lives arrangement, like Garry who visits Shared Lives carer Joyce for day support and short breaks.

“I will take my time. There's no right or wrong, I'm loving it. ”

- Garry, on working towards his Focus Certificate in Idependent Living.

You can read the report online, or save it to your own computer by clicking the download icon in the top left of the pdf viewer below.

Our support for older people in Scotland

40% of people supported in Shared Lives in Scotland are under the age of 25, but it’s not just younger people who benefit from being with a Shared Lives carer. Shared Lives schemes are supporting over 120 older people and those with dementia in Scotland. Find out more about how Shared Lives could help you.

Staying connected - Shared Lives carers supporting people living with dementia in Moray

This independent report shows evidence of Shared Lives’ positive impact on people’s wellbeing when they are living with dementia in Moray.

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