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Thursday, 02 March 2017 15:53

Ambassador Nick writes his first blog for Shared Lives

This week’s guest blog is from our Ambassador, Nick Sayers.
Nick is an important part of the Shared Lives family, he works very hard as one of our Ambassadors, travelling round the country, appearing and giving speeches at events, explaining the difference Shared Lives has made to his life, to MP’s and people who can help develop Shared Lives.
All this alongside his five day working week- volunteering at different organisations, doing his own shopping and his daily life with his Shared Lives carers, Tina and Stephen.
Nick and Jonathon
I recently spoke to Nick at a team away day that he was speaking at- and as we went through his speech, I realised what a great writer he is.
As we’ve recently launched the Shared Lives Facebook as a way to connect Shared Lives carers, we’ve been asking people involved with Shared Lives to write guest blogs. To give them an online community to engage and support each other, share stories and keep up-to-date with what Shared Lives Plus is doing.
The Facebook page has had a really positive response, so it would be great to keep sharing stories of people who are a part of the Shared Lives family.
Our Shared Lives carers really enjoyed reading our last blog about Shared Lives carer, Andy Cooke and James, who he shares his life with.
You can read the blog post here.
I contacted Nick and asked him if he wanted to write a blog about something he enjoys since he joined Shared Lives.
Nick is autistic and this is the first blog post he has ever written and we think it’s brilliant!
“My name is Nick Sayers and I am one of the Shared Lives Ambassadors, and I want to share with you the Friday night club I go to. I go to the Gosport and District Sports Association, for Disabled (GADSAD) every Friday night. GADSAD provides social and sporting activities to people with disabilities, like myself, in the local area. It allows me the opportunity to socialise with others in the same situation as me and participate in a wide variety of sporting activities and games.
At the club I have the opportunity to play the games I love, such as darts, basketball, hoop throw, pin ball and many others. We have competitions as well with prizes for the winners. We are presented with our prizes at an awards evening once a year where we have a buffet. I have won the Hollis Trophy for the last 6 years, from 2011 to 2016, and hope to win it again this year.
There are also opportunities to help serve on the GADSA Stall at fetes to raise money for the club. We also have Fish and Chip nights where we can sit down and have a takeaway meal and chat.
I wrote this with help from my shared lives carer.”
Nick has lived with Shared Lives carers Tina and Stephen for 7 years, since he was 18 years old.
We’d like to thank Nick and his Shared Lives carer, Stephen- who supported him in writing this for us.
If anyone would like to write a guest blog as a Shared Lives carer, or would like to encourage and assist a person they support to tell their story, please contact Communications Assistant, Hannah Cain at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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