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Meeting as equals: creating asset-based charities which have real impact

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Today, Alex Fox, CEO of Shared Lives Plus launches a new report ‘Meeting as Equals‘ in partnership with NCVO and RSA.

Charities are moving from the era of scale to the era of impact.

It’s time for charities to focus on ‘asset-based thinking’: shifting from what’s wrong to what’s strong, focusing on the capacities, skills and assets of people and communities.

This means seeing the whole person, and what they could be capable of. This means making decisions together. This means meeting them as equals.

Meeting as equals includes examples of charities making this happen, and a guide to the steps you can take to make your charity asset-based.

Read Alex Fox’s blog: Meeting as equals

Register for the launch

The event will involve a panel discussion featuring Alex Fox, Matthew Taylor (CEO, The RSA), Karl Wilding (CEO, NCVO), Pat McArdle (Mayday Trust) and Dot Smith (Recovery Connections) organisations who are working in an asset-based way.

In addition to the panel discussion attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to a Q&A session.