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Meet The Sharers

Meet The Sharers is a year long social media project featuring families and households from across the Shared Living sector.

Every Shared Lives family is different, and they all deserve to be celebrated.

Every week for the next year, a different family will be given the keys to our @MeetTheSharers social media accounts, and has 7 days to share their own stories, in their own words.


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Meet The Portwood Household


We’re delighted to be launching this project with the Portwood Household: Emily and Allen Portwood support Molly, Tyler, and Robert in their family home in Warrington.


Emily and Allen Portwood standing outside their Warrington home with their dogs

Emily has always been involved with the care and education of children or adults. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of children’s development, and adults with learning disabilities. Emily is a full time Shared Lives carer who loves the gym, Slimming World healthy eating plans, cooking, driving to nice places, and walking.

Allen is a vehicle technician and owns his own garage, he works each day to assess and fix cars then comes home to his Shared Lives life. He has always had a passion for helping people with learning disabilities. Allen likes cooking, walks, visiting nice places of interest and films.


Molly is 26. She works with children in an after school club, and loves the gym, yoga, Pilates, and Zumba. During lockdown Molly has baked, walked and kept her friendship group going each Wednesday.

Molly wearing a green coat and a big smile


Tyler is 18. He is very much into his social media networking and loves posting YouTube and TikTok videos. Tyler is an animal lover and is enrolled on a college course that involves learning about animals.

Tyler wearing a blue and white jacket


Robert is 61 and is the most recent member of the household. He is interested in films, especially musicals. Robert loves to socialise with people – he attends the Macintyre day centre and is looking forward to going back to the visual impairment centre when it opens up.

Robert smiling and drinking a cup of tea



The household also includes Emily and Allen’s sons (Spencer, Declan, Harley, and Jordan), dogs Bella and Cadbury, a handful of guinea pigs, and a tank full of fish. Which means it’s always pretty lively round at the Portwood’s place.

Check out what they’ve been up to on the @MeetTheSharers Twitter account.



Would you like to be one of our @MeetTheSharers featured families? 

Our @MeetTheSharers enquiry page has lots of information for families, including a calendar where you can see which weeks are still looking for families, and a quick form for you to fill in, to let us know that you are interested.