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Workshops 2020

With over 25 workshops to choose from – you can follow the conversation online Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 November with the hashtag #Kindness2020.

You’ll be able to access your three workshops through the conference platform – with the link in your email.

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Wednesday 18th November 11.30am – first workshop 

1A: Trauma informed practice in Shared Lives, what do survivors need? 

1B: Creative problem solving 

1C: Shared Lives carers and tax  

 1D: Cuppa for carers at Conference  

 1E: My Shared Life – the outcome tool for Shared Lives schemes – a tour and top tips 

1F: Mental health in young men 

 1G: Positive behaviour support  

 1H: Social media – raising awareness and connecting with others during Covid 

 1I: Meet the CEO and Chair of Shared Lives Plus 

Thursday 19th November 10.00am – second workshop 

2A: Getting the right support – the intersection of disability and abuse, managing risk and planning for safety. 

2B: Creative problem solving 

2C: Tax for small businesses – ask the expert 

2D: Independent carer groups – let’s connect 

2E: Supporting parents in Shared Lives arrangements 

2F: Mental health in young men 

2G Applying Human Rights with the British Institute of Human Rights 

2H Your wellbeing matters – what do you need? 

2I Medication support in a Shared Lives setting 

Thursday 19th November 11.15am – third workshop 

3A: Safeguarding 

3B: Creative problem solving 

3C: Dementia Friends Training 

3D: Cuppa for carers at Conference  

3E: Setting up and delivering a Homeshare scheme 

3F: Circles of support 

3G: Positive behaviour support 

3H: Storytelling – creating a winning case study to raise awareness for your organisation 

3I: Your wellbeing matters – what do you need? 

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