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We all need someone to lean on – and we’re here for Shared Lives carers and schemes and Homeshare organisations. Become a member and you’ll get the support you need to make sharing life easier and know there’s back up when you need it.

We want to make sure people involved in Shared Lives can get on with the job of living. We ensure that you have the right support, legal, financial and political structures in place, so that what sounds like a brilliant idea, feels like one too.

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“Your support was invaluable when I was going through a messy divorce and trying to buy a new house. You helped me to keep working – I can’t thank you enough.”

- Sarah, Shared Lives carer, Devon

We are the only specialist network for Shared Lives carers in the UK. If you’re interested in Homeshare – offer a room in return for help around your home or join the Homeshare UK network.

Just for you

Together with 10,000 Shared Lives carers and around 150 local schemes, you can join our UK movement to raise awareness with local councils and NHS, your scheme and national governments – so Shared Lives goes from strength to strength.

We understand exactly what you do as a Shared Lives carer: your tax, legal and employment status – and we’re here to build a kinder, stronger society where everyone can have a full life.

Enjoy your membership perks or get help when you need it and keep up to date with our latest news and campaigns. Once you’re a member you can meet others on to our chat forum for Shared Lives carers and access all the guidance you need.

Register online today, or contact us and find out more about our support below.