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Funding available to expand Shared Lives – apply asap

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been exploring ways to rapidly expand the sector and develop new ways to recruit and assess Shared Lives carers that are sustainable through a pandemic or lockdown to enable the sector to remain resilient through any future situation.

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We have identified a potential funder to fund a 6-month project to develop new ways of working which will include an online recruitment and assessment platform and work with scheme partners to test out an accelerated process using these new tools. We will also explore beginning to match approved Shared Lives carers online.

This project will initially take place in England due to the funding likely to be secured, but we would also like to hear from schemes in other nations who are interested in being involved in the design process and early adopters of the new approach. The end project will be available UK-wide.

Please find attached an invitation to express interest if you are interested in working with us on this project, and outlining the commitments you’d need to make as a scheme.

If you’re not able to be a partner, or based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, and would like to join the design process and become an early adopter please contact Anna McEwen, Executive Director of Support and Development by email