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A Shared Lives carer is someone who opens up their home and family life to include an adult with support needs. Shared Lives carers come from all walks of life and don’t need qualifications or experience, just the right attitude and a willingness to truly share their lives with another person. Shared Lives carers are carefully selected and trained by a regulated Shared Lives scheme. They are paid a fixed amount, rather than an hourly rate and have access to preferential tax arrangements.

Shared Lives Plus is the membership organisation for Shared Lives carers and also Shared Lives schemes and Homeshare schemes. Our members want to know what we are doing and why. They also want to feel that we listen to them and act on their concerns.

The Shared Lives carer support team provide our Shared Lives carer members with resources, training, information, advice and one-to-one support.

They help to make sure that the voices of our Shared Lives carer members feed into and influence everything we do.

By listening to our members we get to know what is working and not working at a local level. Communication between members is vital and we support our Shared Lives carer members to talk to, support and learn from each other. By listening to the collective voices of our members we enable them to; shape the direction of our work, to influence national and local decision makers and develop a more personalised social care system.

I would like to become a member

If you would like to join Shared Lives Plus as a Shared Lives carer member, click here for an application form

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Got a Question? 

Ask Shared Lives Plus

Contact our Shared Lives carer support team

Contact the Team who will be happy to help you.

Judith Holman 
Shared Lives Carer Support and Development Worker

Phone: 01772 723 677
Email: judith@sharedlivesplus.org.uk

Lyn Griffiths
Support and Engagement Manager

Phone: 07551 154 936
Email: lyn@sharedlivesplus.org.uk

Emma Hill
Shared Lives Carer Support and Development Officer

Phone:07391 418 533
Email: emma.hill@sharedlivesplus.org.uk


The Helplines

Shared Lives Plus runs a number of helplines designed to help our members. All of them are FREE to Shared Lives Plus members.

Shared Lives Plus Office 0151 227 3499

Shared Lives Carer Support and Development Worker 01772 723677 (Judith Holman) 

Legal Advice Helpline (Jackson Canter) 0151 5410240
Benefits Advice Helpline (Jackson Canter) 0151 5410240 

Friends of Shared Lives Plus

Friends of Shared Lives Plus are people who want to keep touch with or support the work of SharedLivesPlus and its members, but who are not actively involved in Shared Lives or Homeshare. Many Friends of SharedLivesPlus are retired or former Shared Lives carers or Shared Lives scheme workers, but membership is open to anyone.

As a member, you can expect:

  • Four Shared Lives Carer newsletters a year via post.
  • An email group and message board to make it easy for members to contact each other and to communicate with the Shared Lives Plus team.
  • A voice with local, regional and national decision makers and a programme of awareness-raising about Shared Lives and the work of Shared Lives carers.

To join, please call us on 0151 227 3499

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