BrianNHS England have invested in us to expand Shared Lives for people who need support with their health:

  • Leaving hospital
  • Mental ill health
  • Ambition to leave Assessment and Treatment Units or those who may be admitted
  • Dementia
  • A learning disability
  • Eating disorders
  • An acquired brain injury
  • A physical impairment
  • Young people 16 – 25 years old in transition from Children’s to Adult’s services
  • Preventing going into hospital
  • Re-enablement

People can live with a Shared Lives carer long-term, visit for a short break or receive day support. This means that the person can benefit from a flexible and personalised approach and receive their healthcare and support with a family and community they know and have chosen.

Gerry White, Head Injury Team Leader, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust explains how Shared Lives supports people who don't fit their usual support services.

We want over 2,000 people each year to use Shared Lives for the first time as a health service, which we hope, over five years, will save over £130 million and create healthier lives for everyone. In April 2016, NHS England invested £1.75 million to Shared Lives Plus to fund local schemes to develop this new way of supporting people.

Phase one and two

Seven Shared Lives schemes and their CCGs have partnered together and are committed to developing a local offer for people with health needs in:

  • Barnsley, Bolton, Southern Derbyshire, South Tees and Portsmouth, who joined in January 2017
  • Wirral and Gloucestershire, who joined in January 2018

The match funded money is used to employ an additional worker to increase capacity within the Shared Lives scheme to deliver the project. Shared Lives health arrangements can be fully or part funded by health or demonstrate a cost saving to health.

Phase three - the scale-up

The North East and North West are receiving additional support as “accelerator regions” to grow the new Shared Lives in health, using the learning and best practice identified from the first seven schemes. Additional sites will receive project advice and support from Shared Lives Plus for a period of six months to one year to kick-start their new Shared Lives in health local offer.

Does it work?

We think it will, as the outcomes for people using Shared Lives for social care are so strong, but we will find out! An independent partnership of Cordis Bright, PPL, Social Finance and the Innovation Hub are evaluating the scaling up Shared Lives in health programme as we go.

Resources for health professionals 

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NHS support for Shared Lives

“Shared Lives is a real world example of the kind of highly cost-effective community and people-centred healthcare approaches which I believe will play a much bigger part in the NHS of the future, as more care moves out of hospitals.

Whether it is helping someone with a learning disability to build a full life with a network of friends and family, or enabling an older person to recover from an operation in the peace and quiet of a familiar and welcoming environment, Shared Lives challenges assumptions about what kinds of healthcare can be delivered in an ordinary family home.”

Simon Stevens – Chief Executive NHS England

“Shared Lives…is an excellent example of how councils, communities and other organisations can work together to support some of the most vulnerable in society.” 

Shared Lives emblemJeremy Hunt MP – Secretary of State for Health

“Shared Lives is a fab, person centred approach”, Hilary Garratt – Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for England

“92% Shared Lives services were rated as good or outstanding overall… rated consistently the best overall when compared with other services”

Care Quality Commission “The State of Health and Social Care in England 2016” and October 2017





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