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Escaping the Invisible Asylum: an extract from Alex Fox’s new book

Shared Lives Plus CEO Alex Fox has written a book: ‘A new health and social care system: escaping the invisible asylum.’ It looks at our public services through the lens of more human ways of supporting people – such as Shared Lives.

It also explores the ways in which the potential of people with long-term support needs, and the creativity and caring capacity of families and front-line workers, are wasted in traditional systems. It shows that the beliefs, rules and economics of our public services are entrenching the wrong approaches.

We are pleased to publish the introduction of the book as a downloadable PDF, so do browse for an introduction to the history of the invisible asylum and some ways in which we might escape it.  We are also pleased to offer a 30% discount if you would like to buy a copy from the Policy Press! Simply enter the code: POSLHC18 when ordering. Read on for more information about the launch of this important book.

pdfEscaping the Invisible Asylum – introduction.pdf