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We have worked with NHS England and Department of Health to expand Shared Lives for people who need support with their health - whether they have a long-term condition, need some help home from hospital, have an injury or mental ill health.

Shared Lives can support people with an ambition to leave Assessment and Treatment Units and can facilitate 're-enablement.' It can also delay or even prevent people needing to go to hospital at all!

Shared Lives for health

People with a health need can live with a Shared Lives carer long-term, visit for a short break or receive day support. They benefit from a flexible and personalised approach and receive their healthcare and support with a family and community they know and have chosen.

Meet Ken

Shared Lives carers can also help people who are well enough to leave hospital but not able to go home – perhaps their family isn’t around, or their house needs adapting to make it ready. Shared Lives carers continue the amazing work of occupational therapists and nurses for rehab, medication until patients are fully recovered!

Gerry White, Head Injury Team Leader, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust explains how Shared Lives supports people who don’t fit their usual support services.

Our home from hospital guidance

For three years we worked with seven Shared Lives schemes and carers to find out how Shared Lives could be offered to continue recovering after being in hospital.

We’re delighted to release our Home from hospital – intermediate care guidance for Shared Lives schemes, carers, commissioners and professionals. Find the a section that’s relevant to you. A huge thank you to all our members who helped make this happen!

People who live with or visit Shared Lives carers enjoy life – make friends and improve their health. We’ve asked independent reviewers to find out how Shared Lives works and doesn’t work for people with health needs and potential and current Shared Lives carers and we will publish the report so everyone can learn from it. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has worked with NHS colleagues to offer Shared Lives to many more people.

Our guidance for Shared Lives and health


We commissioned the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) to conduct an evaluation of our Shared Lives Intermediate Care pilot programme, you can read more here.

NHS support for Shared Lives

“Shared Lives is a real world example of the kind of highly cost-effective community and people-centred healthcare approaches which I believe will play a much bigger part in the NHS of the future, as more care moves out of hospitals. Whether it is helping someone with a learning disability to build a full life with a network of friends and family, or enabling an older person to recover from an operation in the peace and quiet of a familiar and welcoming environment, Shared Lives challenges assumptions about what kinds of healthcare can be delivered in an ordinary family home”

- Simon Stevens – Chief Executive NHS England

“Shared Lives is an excellent example of how councils, communities and other organisations can work together to support some of the most vulnerable in society.”

- Jeremy Hunt MP – former Secretary of State for Health

“Shared Lives is a fab, person centred approach.”

- Hilary Garratt – Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for England