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“The progress has been amazing” Maxine and Michelle’s story

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“From the start Maxine was interested in getting to know me. I felt more welcome.” That’s Michelle’s take on living with Maxine, a Shared Lives carer, who was determined that Michelle, 23, would become part of her family and flourish as a person.

But it doesn’t mean being at home all the time. Since leaving school, Michelle has taken courses and often goes out with friends, dancing and swimming. One of her biggest passions is wrestling, which her and her dad go to watch live:

“Now, I’ve got a good relationship with my dad. He thinks Shared Lives has helped me.”

Michelle adds, “I do more things for myself. I’ve got more confident with travel and getting about. My personality has changed so much – though I can still have my moments!”

Maxine explains, “I don’t expect us to be in each other’s faces all the time, but I wanted Michelle to feel like a part of the family.”

“The progress has been amazing. Michelle has learned a lot, personally and through her education. She’s really articulate and is great with numbers.”