Shared Lives Plus

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Your journey to approval

The support Shared Lives carers provide can be as simple as tea and someone to talk to, but it’s completely transformative. We’re really pleased you want to be part of it. Before you get started, there are a few forms to fill out and boxes to tick.

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Start a new way of life

“The assessment process was very intensive, but it allowed us time to get to know what Shared Lives would really be like. I got to meet so many people who were doing it already"”

- Sean, Shared Lives carer

Once you start your journey, your local scheme will contact you – or you can give them a ring

What happens next?
Get in touch with the Shared Lives scheme nearest to you and let them know you are interested.

Getting to know each other
When you’ve both agreed a day and time, they’ll come over to yours and have a chat about what it’s like being a Shared Lives carer. They might also invite you to meet other Shared Lives carers.

The important stuff
You’ll talk about your experiences, relationships, and care-giving skills. They’ll also need some information about your family, lifestyle, and anything you do in the community. It’s not all one-way – you can find out more about them too and check they’re the right organisation for you.

Checks and references
They’ll need to know a bit more about you, so we’ll ask for references from your GP, mortgage lender/landlord, employer, and some close friends. This takes a few weeks, so they’ll keep you updated on how it’s going.

Meeting the panel (nearly there!)
You and your scheme worker will meet with the other carers and representatives on the Shared Lives panel. You’ll find out if you’ve been approved shortly after.

The matching process
Your scheme will regularly send you profiles of a wide range of people you might be interested in supporting. You’ll find out their likes, dislikes, needs, and what they’re looking for in a carer. It helps to be flexible, because you’re more likely to find a good match.

In the meantime
For insight, tips, and support, take a look at our network of carers, companions, supporters, doers, and excellent brew-makers online – 
Follow us on Facebook Twitter or Instagram and then if you are approved, become a member and join us!

If you have any questions, ring our team on 0151 227 3499, or email