Shared Lives Plus

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Shared Lives week – digital toolkit

We can't meet up to celebrate and show our gratitude for the amazing work of our Shared Lives carers this year. Instead of sending you a large bundle of physical promotional materials, we are building a set of resources to help you reach out and engage your carers digitally.

Social media in Shared Lives

Below you will find the resource that accompanied our webinar on Shared Lives in social media. This is the first of two plannedĀ  sessions and covers all the basics.

Writing for Shared Lives

This guide was written for internal use, but gives an idea of how we think about writing good content for Shared Lives

Storytelling for Shared Lives

Shared Lives’ great strength is in the inspiring, uplifting and heartwarming stories all around the network. This workshop was delivered at our conference in 2019, and is designed to guide you to harnass the power of Shared Lives stories for all your communications.