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#SharedLivesWeek – digital toolkit

Shared Lives week is all about thanking and celebrating Shared Lives carers, who transform the lives of those they support and enrich their whole communities. Because of Covid-19, we can't meet up for parties in the physical realm this year - nor can we bulk send you our traditional packs of promotional materials. But that doesn't mean we won't be celebrating, or giving you tools to promote your services! The following resources are designed to help you engage with and celebrate your carers digitally, as well as boosting your scheme's profile on social media.

Social media for Shared Lives

Below you will find the guide that accompanies our series of webinars on social media for Shared Lives, as well as the webinars themselves (see video links). The first webinar covered the theory and context of social media, and the basics of setting up a profile and posting, while sessions two and three covered curating good content, creating branded images and some ore advanced aspects of social media strategy:


The graphics below, are designed for you to use to create your own posts. Upload these images to Canva, add your own texts and logos to create your own branded social media images! You can also use the bunting (GIF) files to overlay and give your images a party or festival feel during Shared Lives week.

If any of your events or virtual tea parties have a competition element the social media frame also enables you to add pictures of carers or people they care for. If you have any queries on any of the social media images, or need any guidance in creating them just get in touch!

Writing for Shared Lives

Writing on social media and for the web is like all promotional writing, requiring creativity and precision. In the resource above we discuss the specifics you need to consider when posting on social media, but this guide was developed for training within Shared Lives Plus, on how to write well in a Shared Lives context. You might find it useful!

Storytelling for Shared Lives

Shared Lives’ great strength is in the inspiring, uplifting and heartwarming stories all around the network. This workshop was delivered at our conference in 2019, and is designed to guide you to harnass the power of Shared Lives stories for all your communications.