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Tuesday, 15 May 2018 11:42

Press release - New evidence shows Homeshare offers solutions to loneliness and youth housing crisis

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Press Release

15th May 2018

Homeshare Offers Solutions to Loneliness and Youth Housing Crisis,

Reveals New Evaluation Report


Research published today by Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales and the Big Lottery Fund reveals the positive impact of intergenerational homesharing on reducing loneliness and isolation, improving wellbeing and addressing the lack of affordable housing options for younger people.

The evaluation, conducted by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and Traverse, finds that the Homeshare model:

  • reduces loneliness and improves wellbeing by offering companionship and facilitating inter-generational relationships
  • provides affordable housing for younger people who are often priced out of home ownership and even renting

The Homeshare model brings together older people with a spare room with younger people seeking affordable housing or an alternative to a traditional house share. In return for the accommodation the younger person – “homesharer” - provides up to 10 hours of support around the house as well as more informally being around for a chat. All Homeshare schemes carefully vet, match and oversee each unique Homeshare arrangement. Participants pay moderate fees to cover the administrative costs of the Homeshare scheme including matching services, safeguarding and monitoring visits, while homesharers also contribute to household costs and bills.

Today’s report draws on evidence from a £2 million Homeshare Partnership Programme, funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales and Big Lottery Fund, using money raised by National Lottery players. The programme was set up in 2015 to grow and develop the model and has funded eight pilot Homeshare schemes across the UK as well as the development of a national network in partnership with Shared Lives Plus. Other partners to the programme included Age UK and the Foyer Federation.

Today’s evaluation was based on reviewing a range of evidence and capturing the experiences of staff at eight schemes and from 28 matches across the 2 years of the Programme. The evaluators found that Homeshare improved wellbeing for participants, offered companionship, made affordable housing available, and facilitated inter-generational relationships. A typical relationship involved participants sharing joint activities, genuine companionship and a mutual sharing of home life, time, skills and experience – as this case study highlights:


Case study

Florence, 95 and Alexandra, 27 are homesharers living in South London.

Florence said: Sharing your home is a marvellous idea. Loneliness is horrible. You can get bored to tears being by yourself. Having someone else in the home makes a big difference. You don't have to worry about falling over or hurting yourself. Some people might feel a bit concerned about having a younger person living in their home, but Alexandra is lovely. I would call her a close friend. We talk about everything, just as I would with my other friends.”

Alexandra said:People sometimes look slightly strangely at you when you first explain you live with someone who is 95 and not a relative, but it's like being with an old family friend. It gives me somewhere really homely to come back to in the evening, which is great. Rent in London is also really high but living with Flo makes being here more affordable.”


Taking Homeshare forward


The report recognised that there were challenges experienced by Homeshare participants including: becoming accustomed to sharing space, the escalation of a householder’s care needs, when support needs to be provided, and navigating resolution of conflict between matches - but also how an effective Homeshare scheme manages and mitigates those issues.

Ongoing support will be delivered by Homeshare UK, part of Shared Lives Plus, to support local areas with setting up new schemes and spread best practice to develop existing schemes. The website www.homeshareuk.org helps people find a scheme to see if Homeshare might be right for them or a family member. Shared Lives Plus will also manage a best practice guide, development of a quality assurance framework and networking events for those running schemes, to help put Homeshare on the map and ensure that it is developed in a safe, cost-effective and sustainable way.

In response to the learning from the evaluation and delivery of schemes on the ground, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Shared Lives Plus and Big Lottery Fund are calling for:

  • More Homeshare schemes to be set up to widen the coverage so more people can benefit from the solutions it offers towards tackling loneliness, helping people stay in their homes and others to find affordable accommodation
  • Local authorities, Clinical Care Commissioning Groups, independent funders and others to support the setup and development of schemes and help them address the challenges outlined in the report and become more effective and sustainable

Paul Streets OBE, Chief Executive, Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales said:

“Sometimes the issues facing society can seem intractable – growing loneliness, isolation and intergenerational divides, the unaffordability of housing and the social care crisis. Homeshare offers a clear and effective way to help people on the sharp end of these issues. The Homeshare Partnership Programme has been instrumental in showing that Homeshare can and does work and we are delighted to have supported it and a package of support to help people set up and manage schemes. We now encourage others to take up the mantle to help more people, their families and communities enjoy the benefits of Homesharing.”

For more information please contact Jon Narcross This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0207 378 4619.

Notes to Editors:

Homeshare UK

  • Homeshare UK is the network for all Homeshare schemes in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We work closely with Homeshare International.
  • There are currently over 20 schemes around the UK, with 250 pairs of people involved and the network has grown by 35% over the last year – homeshareUK.org
  • Homeshare has proven to be a popular model across the US and Europe with schemes successfully operating in 14 countries worldwide.
  • HomeShare UK supports, guides and is the national voice for Homeshare schemes.
  • Our quality standards ensure Homeshare UK network members self-regulate and continuously improve their practices so that they are safe and effective.

The Homeshare model is based on trust and friendship, allowing people to ‘live well’ within their chosen communities. To find out more visit www.homeshareuk.org

About The Partners

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales is one of the UK’s leading community grant-makers. An independent registered charity funded by the profits of Lloyds Banking Group as part of the Group’s commitment tohttp://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/ProsperPlan%20%20%20%20" target="_blank">Helping Britain Prosper. The Foundation invests in charities supporting people to break out of disadvantage at critical points in their lives and promotes practical approaches to lasting change. For more information visit www.lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk

Big Lottery Fund

Big Lottery Fund uses money raised by National Lottery players to help communities achieve their ambitions. From small, local projects to UK-wide initiatives, its funding brings people together to make a difference to their health, wellbeing and environment. Since June 2004 it has awarded £8.5 billion to projects that improve the lives of millions of people.


Shared Lives Plus

Shared Lives Plus is the UK network for Shared Lives carers, Shared Lives schemes and Homeshare schemes. With over 5,000 Members UK-wide, we have a unique overview and voice which we use to support schemes and Shared Lives carers through policy, guidance, advice and legal support. We also work to diversify and establish new Shared Lives and Homeshare schemes. To find out more visit www.sharedlivesplus.org.uk


Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) improves the lives of people who use care services by sharing knowledge about what works.

SCIE is a leading improvement support agency and an independent charity working with adults’, families’ and children's care and support services across the UK. They also work closely with related services such as health care and housing.


The Foyer Federation

The Foyer Federation exists to ensure young people who can’t live at home get the same investment as other young people. Our aim is to ensure every young person can thrive, not just cope or survive. Across the Foyer network, approximately 10,000 young people aged 16-25 are reached each year. Foyers provide accommodation, personal development and employability support in a nurturing and safe environment. Our role is to innovate, champion service reform and ensure the Foyer network can deliver the best quality offer to young people.


Age UK

Age UK is a national charity that works with a network of partners, including Age Scotland, Age Cymru, Age NI and local Age UKs across England, to help everyone make the most of later life, whatever their circumstances.

In the UK, the Charity helps more than seven million older people each year by providing advice and support.  It also researches and campaigns on the issues that matter most to older people. Its work focuses on ensuring that older people: have enough money; enjoy life and feel well; receive high-quality health and care; are comfortable, safe and secure at home; and feel valued and able to participate.

Age UK’s subsidiary charity, Age International, supports older people globally in over 30 developing countries by funding programmes such as vital emergency relief and healthcare and campaigning to raise awareness and change policies.

Age UK is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England (registered charity number 1128267 and registered company number 6825798). Charitable services are provided through Age UK and commercial products are offered by the Charity’s Community Interest Company (CiC) (registered company number 1102972) which donates its net profits to Age UK (the Charity).

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