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Wednesday, 01 August 2018 09:54

Regulatory changes - welsh Shared Lives carers, have your say!

Right now in Wales we are going through the final stages of one of the biggest shake-ups of regulation in decades. If you are a Shared Lives carer or someone using the service you can have your say on not just what goes into regulation, but how the people that inspect our services apply those regulations. But the closing date is approaching fast. Welsh Government want to hear your views by August 16th.

A copy of the consultation document, the draft regulations and statutory guidance can be found at:



To take part in the consultation and give your feedback, you can respond online.

It’s been almost two years now that we’ve been working with Welsh Government on changing the regulations that guide our services. One of the biggest steps forward is Welsh Government’s decision to ask people if they want our services extended to 16 & 17-year-olds. In the UK, Wales is alone in restricting provision to that age group. We know from colleagues in children’s services, especially those working to combat homelessness, that extending the service will make a real difference. It will provide more choice and flexibility.

Please do take time now to look through the Statutory Guidance and the new Regulations. Shared Lives Plus UK has already written extensively about the need to reflect the modern service. The regulations are still known as adult placement, but most services use the term Shared Lives. The regulation refers to “placing”, where we talk about matching. It describes a placement, where we would talk about an arrangement. If you feel strongly about providing a service which gives people choice and control, do let Welsh Government know what you think about the language used in the act and the need to reflect the service accurately.

The new regulations will come into force from April 2019, replacing the Care Standards Act and the Minimum Standards. The aim of the new regulations is to reflect the Social Services & Well-being (Wales) Act by giving people genuine voice and control and putting their well-being, views and feelings at the heart of service delivery.

The regulations aim to be:

• Proportionate and reasonable - covering things the provider can control that will genuinely contribute to the quality and safety of the service

• Consistent – but flexible enough to allow for specific differences between services, where appropriate

• Outcomes focussed – so the adults and children using the services are fully supported to achieve the things that matter to them

• Enforceable – providing clarity and certainly to all those involved

These changes are a move away from a culture of tick box compliance.

The new regulations aim to recognise the professional competence and judgement of providers and gives them a high-level of flexibility to run efficient, innovative services. As a Shared Lives carer you may not see too many changes in the way things work day to day, but there are differences in the way the regulations work.

In future schemes will have to produce a much more comprehensive Statement of Purpose, detailing the services they provide and their policies and procedures around things like complaints, safeguarding etc. The regulations also impose a duty of candour on all service providers to acknowledge and address issues when something goes wrong.

For the Shared Lives carer there will be three key documents:

  • a Carer agreement – between the scheme and the Shared Lives carer setting out the agreement to provide accommodation and support in their home for someone who needs care to live independently. This will be put in place once the Shared Lives carer has passed panel and is ready to begin work.
  • an Individual Placement Agreement – between the scheme, Shared Lives carer and the person seeking support agreeing to enter into a Shared Lives arrangement
  • a Personal Plan for each person using the service – setting out the outcomes that the person seeking support wishes to achieve with the support of the scheme and the Shared Lives carer.

Do read through the changes, link below. This is your consultation and your views are of great value:


Closing date August 16th


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