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Wednesday, 18 April 2018 08:47

Campaign for fairness

We want everyone to know about how amazing Shared Lives is - and the extraordinary lives people have when they live with, or visit Shared Lives carers. 

Throughout the week Friday 15 - Sunday 24 June, Shared Lives schemes up and down the UK are celebrating the amazing and ordinary lives of Shared Lives carers.

Request a resource pack for your event

Marketing materialsHit me up with more posters, leaflets and balloons! 

A6 postcard invite for MPs 20 £5
A5 Become a Shared Lives carer 30 £5
A5 What is Shared Lives leaflet 30 £5
A5 Become a member flyer 30 £5
A3 poster become a Shared Lives carer with space for local info 40 £5
Stickers - I love Shared Lives 50 £5
Blue balloons with logo/emblem 20 £7
White balloons with logo/emblem 20 £7
promo pens with logo/emblem 20 £6.50
Rice paper for cup cakes 50 £12
Blue T-shirts on request £9

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 0151 227 3499 so we can raise an invoice for you or take payment by credit card before we can send them out.

Join our campaign for fairness

This year we're campaigning for fairness for Shared Lives carers - which is what schemes and carers have asked us to help with. 

Shared Lives carers do amazing work and enrich the lives of the individuals they support as well as the communities they live in. For many it is a paid way of life, rather than just a job and their dedication deserves to be rewarded. Their openess and care create outcomes in mental and physical health that are proportionally greater than the resources they require. Even though Shared Lives carers are self-employed, the work they do is categorically a part of social care – so including them in social care pay reviews is a matter of basic fairness. We are calling for local authorities and government to invest in Shared Lives carers will improve workforce satisfaction, enable more people to enjoy Shared Lives and eventually create a social care system that is more effective and human.

Become a flagship scheme and sign up the Shared Lives charter with Shared Lives carers to improve fairness, become more inclusive and diverse.

Toolkit for pay reviews (coming soon)


Join in The Great Shared Lives Picnic!

There are picnics happening up and down the UK - and we would love to see your photos and hear what's been happening. Please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Add your event to the Shared Lives Plus calendar (through the link sent to the googlegroup) and eventbrite so more people can find out how to get involved:



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