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Thursday, 07 December 2017 09:14

MPs' passion for Shared Lives supporting people with mental ill health

Alistair Burt MP hosted our annual parliamentary event in the House of Commons with the theme of how Shared Lives supports people with mental ill health last week.

Cllr Richard Kemp Liz Kendall MP and Alistair Burt MP

Liz Kendall MP, Cllr Richard Kemp representing the Local Government Association and Margaret Willcox, Gloucester's adult social care Director and President of the Directors' association, ADASS all gave passionate speeches supporting Shared Lives Plus. The highlight as ever though was the hosting by ambassadors Michael Turner and Dipan Patel, and an inspiring speech by the Shared Lives carer, Alison Cooper, who appears in the film we premiered. 

Shared Lives supports people with mental ill health to live significantly better lives, with stronger emotional wellbeing and greater connection to their local community.

With Government support, Shared Lives Plus could recruit thousands more carers to support 5,000 more people who need extra support to live 

well – saving over £16m across the UK. Shared Lives offers support that money can’t buy. People with mental ill health say that as part of a Shared Lives family their lives become more stable, they rebuild and make new relationships and pursue personal interests in the community.


Alison and Jonathon web

Currently, £1.2bn is spent on supporting people with mental ill health - 7% of what is 

spent supporting all adults with social care needs. Supporting someone with mental health needs costs about £800 per week in traditional care homes or services. In Shared Lives, it costs around £400 per week.    

You can read Alison’s speech and catch up with the speeches on videos below: 

Michael Turner, Shared Lives Ambassador opens the event

Alistair Burt MP says why he is "a big fan of Shared Lives"

Liz Kendall MP says "Shared Lives is the future"

Our aim was to invite MPs to visit their local scheme, so if you have not yet invited your MP to visit and would like to, please go ahead!

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