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Monday, 18 September 2017 14:01

Camphill Village Trust Scheme are looking for a new Shared Lives Area Co-ordinator

Position:  Shared Lives Area Co-ordinator.
Salary:      £21,000 - £26,000 - depending on experience.
Location: Stourbridge, Dudley MBC and surrounding areas.
For our exciting new initiative, we are looking for someone who is passionate about Shared Lives and displays real insight into the benefits it can bring to people who wish to live within a community setting. You will be involved in the continued development of an ever growing scheme, where you will have opportunity to influence its working practices. You should have a sound understanding of the Shared Lives model and knowledge of the local area and its amenities. If you are hard-working, ambitious and want to be part of an innovative new scheme, then this is the post for you.
The Camphill Village Trust (CVT) is an established, well respected and progressive UK charity supporting adults with learning disabilities, mental ill health and other support needs in their home life, work, social and cultural activities, throughout nine urban and rural communities in England. The Camphill philosophy recognises the uniqueness of the individual and we seek to respect, value and enhance the strengths and potential of each person we support in a contemporary context.
Our communities are well resourced and offer a rich mix of social, cultural and enterprise/work/activities opportunities for the people they support and those who work there.  Our vision, is for each CVT community to be at the centre of a network of Shared Lives arrangements, creating social capital within the wider community and local neighbourhoods.
This approach will not only enable CVT to deliver a broader range of housing and support options, but also provide the Shared Lives Carers and the people they care for, with opportunities to join in the social life of each community. This will create the potential for new relationships and connections so as to strengthen a sense of support and belonging.
This is a challenging but rewarding new role and to succeed you will require a thorough understanding of Shared Lives and its potential.  Therefore, we will expect you to be creative, dedicated and have an explicit value base. We expect you to have excellent IT and organisational skills to support you in this dynamic post.  You must also be able to develop effective working relationships with care managers and practitioners, be able to recruit, assess, train and supervise carers, as well as having the intuition and practical skills for managing a case load on a day to day basis.
This is a new position, so there is some flexibility around your working routine, however, your base will be at our offices in Dudley Borough, alongside the potential for working from home.
To find out more about this exciting new role, please take the opportunity to speak with Dean Barnshaw on 07984 896010 before applying on-line at: www.cvt.org.uk 
Closing date for applications: 12 Noon Wednesday 4th October 2017
Interviews to be held in Stourbridge, Dudley on Wednesday 18th October 2017

Job Description
Job Role:  Area Co-ordinator Shared Lives Scheme (West Midlands) 
Salary Scale:   £21,000 - £26,000 per annum + car allowance
Location:   Stourbridge (also opportunity to work from home on occasion)
Accountable to:  Shared Lives Registered Manager
Job Objectives
1. To support the Registered Manager in the delivery of a high quality Shared Lives Scheme for the Camphill Village Trust across the Borough of Dudley and surrounding Black Country/West Midlands area.
2. To hold an allocated caseload and have day-to-day responsibility for the supervision and monitoring of the respective Shared Lives Carers and the people we support in each arrangement.
3. To maintain the compliance of the Shared Lives Scheme with all Care Quality Commission (CQC) Fundamental Standards for Regulation and Inspection.
4. To work in accordance with the required Shared Lives Plus Guidance Notes and CVT Policies and Procedures.
5. To ensure the scheme meets all Local Safeguarding Adults Board requirements.
6. To contribute to the marketing, recruiting, assessing, inducting and training of all new Shared Lives Carers.
7. To undertake regular Shared Lives Carer supporting and monitoring visits so as to maintain each Arrangement.
8. To develop and maintain positive working relationships with health and social care practitioners/care managers/commissioners at an operational level.
9. To work where relevant in partnership with existing Shared Lives Schemes within the Region.
10. To work collaboratively with other CVT staff members to find ways in which the regional Shared Lives Scheme can contribute to the local community for mutual benefit.
11. To promote and positively represent the CVT Shared Lives Scheme within the Trust, the region and nationally.
12. To provide an Out-Of-Hours support service to all Shared Lives Carers within the scheme.
Main duties and responsibilities
1. Manage the operational responsibilities of the Regional CVT Shared Lives Scheme
1.1 Work with the Registered Manager and Development Manager to establish a new Shared Lives Scheme in the region that is recognised for delivering high quality support to its stakeholders.
1.2 Ensure that the Scheme infrastructure of policies, procedures, systems and processes are maintained and aligned with CVT policies and procedures, meeting the sector’s best practice standards at all times.
1.3 Work with the Registered Manager to recruit, select, assess, induct, provide ongoing training and regularly supervise Shared Lives Carers.
1.4 To support the Registered Manager in maintaining all regulated activities and develop excellent relationships with the Care Quality Commission to ensure Outstanding/Good inspection reports.
1.5 To undertake regular training and supervision/appraisal to ensure best practice standards and thus promotes the effective delivery of Shared Lives Arrangements.
1.6 Work with the Registered Manager to maximise the marketing potential in local communities for the effective recruitment of Carers.
1.7 To develop and maintain positive working partnerships with relevant agencies, organisations and teams essential to the health and growth of the CVT Shared Lives Scheme.
1.8 Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of legislative and national/regional policy developments that impact upon the Shared Lives Scheme.
1.9 With support from the Registered Manager, develop, agree and implement care/risk management plans that will ensure the safety and well-being of all those involved in the Shared Lives Scheme.
1.10 To ensure the completion of all necessary reviews, assessment reports, documentation, file records and any other paperwork required by the role.
1.11 To undertake Shared Lived Carer Pre-Approval and Re-Approval Assessments prior to being submitted to the Independent Panel.
1.12 To provide Out-Of-Hours support to all CVT Shared Lives Carers and immediately report any serious concerns to the Registered Manager and CQC if necessary.
1.13 To oversee the organising and attendance of regular Carer Forums and social events for the Shared Lives Scheme.
2. Develop and maintain positive relationships with practitioners/commissioners
2.1 Work with the Registered Manager to identify and engage with local commissioners in the region.
2.2 Ensure excellent understanding among commissioning teams of the CVT Shared Lives Scheme and its potential through regular meetings.
2.3 Develop and maintain excellent links with front-line Practitioners and Care Managers to promote the Shared Lives Scheme and ensure a clear referral pathway.
2.4 In discussion with the Registered Manager and in liaison with Referring Agency, oversee the matching between the Person receiving the service and the Shared Lives Carers.
2.5 Where relevant to work in partnership with existing Shared Lives Schemes within the Region.
3. Work collaboratively with the Registered Manager to identify opportunities to connect Shared Lives Arrangements with the CVT community for mutual benefit
3.1 Maintain excellent links with the wider CVT staff team through regular briefings on the development of the Shared Lives scheme.
3.2 With other Shared Lives colleagues, work with the wider CVT staff team to identify opportunities, to enable local Shared Lives families to link with and contribute to the life of the local community.
3.3 With the Registered Manager and the Development Manager, develop and design an approach that will bring together the resources of the local CVT community and that of the Shared Lives family, to offer a Shared Lives Extra service to people with more complex needs.
3.4 Promote and oversee the delivery of the Shared Lives Extra service, constantly reviewing to ensure that it meets the needs of all parties and delivers excellent outcomes.
4. Promote and positively represent the CVT Shared Lives Scheme within CVT, regionally and nationally
4.1 Raise awareness of the value of the Shared Lives model with a range of regional and local stakeholders, working with the CVT communications team. Ensure early success stories are widely circulated.
4.2. Write articles for the trade press, the CVT website and regional media.
4.3 Deliver presentations at relevant events to raise awareness and promote the Shared Lives model.
4.4 Represent CVT at national and regional events.
5. Contribute to the effective administration of the Camphill Village Trust
5.1 To record all information correctly and in accordance with data protection protocols.
5.2 In support of the Registered Manager, contribute to budgeting and financial planning of the scheme.
5.3 To monitor the finances of the people we support in each arrangement, using existing procedures.
5.4 Ensure that the Shared Lives Carers are paid regularly and correctly, as in accordance with the payments bandings, housing benefit and board & lodging.
5.5 To ensure that all contact sheets, data bases and spreadsheets etc are kept up to date and accurate.
6. Working Practice
6.1 Engage in continuous self-development and training, working towards NVQ Level 3 in Health & Social Care as a minimum.
6.2 Work in a way which promotes diversity, equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice.
6.3 Operate at all times in a way that is consistent with CVT’s legal responsibilities including health and safety legislation and guidance.
6.4 Work in accordance with CVT’s aims and objectives and policies and procedures and promote a positive image of the organisation at all time.
7. Any other duties
Undertake such other duties as may reasonably be required, commensurate with the level of the post and the needs of the organisation.
Person specification:
Criteria  How identified
Qualification ⦁ Working towards QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care or equivalent  AF
⦁ Support and monitoring of carers and people who use services.
⦁ Successful day-to-day management of a case load.
⦁ Reliable team member of a successful community development/voluntary sector service.
⦁ Contributing thoughts and ideas to the continued development of a community service.
⦁ Facilitating training/workshops for carers and contributing to development of its content.
⦁ An ability to work as part of a close-knit team and in partnership/liaising with other professionals. AF, I, R
⦁ An understanding of Shared Lives and the philosophy underpinning the work and the sector.
⦁ Understanding of quality assurance and safeguarding practice in social care.
⦁ Knowledge and understanding of relevant government policies and legislation.
⦁ An understanding of the ways in which support can be funded, commissioned and delivered, including self-directed support and personalised approaches.
⦁ An understanding of how to apply for housing and welfare benefits in support of the people that access Shared Lives.
⦁ Knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the statutory and voluntary sectors. AF, I, P
Skills ⦁ Able to engage confidently and constructively with other professionals, carers and people living in and working in Shared Lives schemes.
⦁ Excellent presentation, communication and report writing/assessment skills.
⦁ Effective organisation and time management skills.
⦁ Able to work flexibly and creatively using own initiative.
⦁ Competent IT skills and an ability to update data bases and maintain online files.
⦁ An ability to develop robust links and partnerships across organisations and sectors. AF, I , R
⦁ Commitment to empowering people who use services and their families, promoting their rights and services which are user-led, personalised and self-directed.
⦁ Demonstrable commitment to working in ways which promote equality of opportunity.
⦁ Values the principles of co-production and partnership working.
⦁ Commitment to continuous professional development.
⦁ A willingness to positively contribute to all aspects of the service, ‘think outside of the box’ with a ‘can do’ approach. AF, I, R
 ⦁ Ability to work the hours dictated by the needs and demands of the job (including evenings and weekends).
⦁ Able to travel as and when required by the job. AF, I
Key:       AF:     Application Form             I:    Interview             R:    References      P: Presentation
Employment terms:
⦁ The appointment is subject to a six-month review period, which may be subject to extension. To successfully complete your review period, you will be expected to complete your common induction standards within a three-month period. To successfully complete your review period, you will be expected to complete your common induction standards within a three-month period and the relevant QCF qualification (if applicable) within an agreed period.  You will also be expected to be able to evidence you are able to apply your learning, training and skills to support people in a way that embodies the 10 facilitation skills that support Great Interactions with people we support, through person centred thinking and planning, using people’s preferred method of communication and are focussed on providing outcomes for people we support that promotes increased choice and control.
⦁ Hours: 37.5 hours per week Monday to Friday. 
⦁ People’s Pension is our pension provider.  We make a contribution at the statutory rates if you have been auto-enrolled. We also have an enhanced scheme, where if you increase your contributions to 10% of gross pay then we continue 6%.
⦁ Holiday entitlement is 6.6 weeks =33days or 247.50 hours (inclusive of public holidays).
⦁ Sick pay entitlement is 4 weeks after one month, increasing to 8 weeks after 3 years, 12 weeks after 5 years.
⦁ Notice – four weeks.

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