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Thursday, 06 July 2017 10:04

Three years of Shared Lives leading the way on “Mum Test*” approach to quality and care says official report


    • Innovative and growing form of care passes “Mum Test” with flying colours according to Chief Inspector
    • CQC 3 year “State of adult social care services report” focuses on Shared Lives as showing strong leadership, positivity, with an open and transparent culture, and users well supported
    • 91% of Shared Lives schemes inspected were rated “good or outstanding” beating the care sector average of 79%
    • Government must now invest in Shared Lives to make sure all areas can reach level of the best says Charity Chief

Shared Lives Plus, the UK Network for Shared Lives and Homeshare, has today welcomed findings from the Care Quality Commission that show the Shared Lives model of care as leading the sector in terms of performance.

The Care Quality Commission’s “State of adult social care services 2014 -17” report illustrates initial findings from their programme of comprehensive inspections into Adult social care, and Shared Lives comes out top of the class – securing a special focus in the report after 91% of its schemes were rated as good or outstanding – with none inadequate.

Overall, even with the inclusion of Shared LIves, the care sector only secured 79% good or outstanding ratings, with some other forms of care performing consistently lower overall.

Chief Inspector of adult social care, Andrea Sutcliffe highlights how the “Mum Test”* has guided the work of the CQC over the relevant period – and the report findings show Shared Lives consistently meeting these ambitions, with leadership, transparency, high quality support and positivity key elements of the approach.

Chief Executive of Shared Lives Plus, Alex Fox OBE said:

“As the inspectors’ three year report highlights, Shared Lives services are particularly caring and responsive, and this enables Shared Lives carers and the people who live with or visit them to achieve incredible things, which other services don’t think are possible.”

“There are currently no inadequate Shared Lives schemes in the whole of England and none requiring improvement on the caring rating. 91% are good or outstanding.”

“There is a Shared Lives scheme in almost every part of the UK, but some are tiny. Government should invest now to ensure that all reach the scale of the Lancashire scheme, supporting hundreds of people. This would increase the number of people using Shared Lives from just under 12,000 in England to well over 30,000, saving millions whilst offering people happier, safer lives”

Alex added:

“The government’s planned consultation on care cannot focus only on its funding: it must also look at how that money could be better spent.”

 “I’d like to thank everyone in the Shared Lives family for all they have done to secure these excellent results. As the UK network representing Shared Lives, we will now use this fantastic report as further evidence of the value of Shared Lives, and continue to push the government to work with us, and local schemes, to make this amazing approach to care available to all who could benefit.”


*The report cites the Mum Test as being ""To make sure that our regulatory approach is truly personalised, I want us to consider for every service we look at - is this good enough for my Mum (or any other member of my family)? If it is, that is fantastic. If it's not then we need to do something about it."

Notes for Editors:

    • For more information or to arrange an interview with a representative of Shared Lives Plus, please contact Tim Moore, Communications Manager on 07881 521269
    • Shared Lives schemes operate across all areas of the UK. The jurisdiction of the Care Quality Commission covers England only with other bodies performing the regulatory function.

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