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Thursday, 29 October 2015 10:01

Shared Lives Week 2015 - Did you see our press coverage?

Shared Lives Week 2015

This year’s Shared Lives week was the busiest we have had so far. Our Twitter account @SharedLivesPlus has been exploding with activity – we counted 447 notifications along with 35 new followers from the 17th to the 25th of October. This is largely thanks to all the schemes across the UK that have been doing a great job of promoting Shared Lives Week with their great events.

So far we have counted over 20 pieces of local coverage in media sources all over the UK. From down in Cornwall to up in Fife, our coverage has been national and that is thanks to the scheme workers and supporters of Shared Lives – and we are confident that there have been many other mentions that we haven’t picked up yet

CEO Alex Fox also managed to get onto nationwide BBC Radio – the Mark Forrest Show – to talk about Shared Lives to listeners all over the UK.

#AllAboutTheMatch inspired a number of great stories about how Shared Lives has brought people together, and the week was filled with activities organised by Shared Lives schemes and Shared Lives carers. Shared Lives Plus played our part too. We held our annual Parliamentary Reception in the Houses of Commons on the 21st as a celebration not only of Shared Lives, but Shared Lives week. Here, we released our health report – a staggering commentary on how Shared Lives is affecting not only those who use it, but also the NHS. To coincide with this health report, we had also made a film following Shared Lives carers Pauline and Joe from Lancashire and the two individuals who live with them, Robert and Karen.

This film was a heart-warming example of the improvements Shared Lives carers report time and time again of how this model of care provides something special that other models cannot.

You can see the film here and view the report here.

Below is a section of links to some of the online coverage we have had. If you spotted something that isn’t here do let us know!






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