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  • Department of Communities explores the potential for Homeshare in Northern Ireland +

    “You cannot believe the difference that it makes just hearing somebody in the house. Hearing movement upstairs and knowing that it's not someone breaking in or something like that. The best thing about it is somebody coming in at night, round about six o'clock.” Florence,
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  • New report shows Homeshare is growing +

    We are delighted to publish the Homeshare annual sector report. It is a comprehensive analysis of the national Homeshare sector, laying out the key success, challenges and priorities for Homeshare in the UK. It reflects on the remarkable growth in public awareness of the
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  • NDTi report: Delivering better outcomes and improved life chances for people with complex lives +

    Extract: Homelessness National and local contexts Shelter described homelessness as affecting 81,000 households during 2013-14, of which 2,414 were people rough sleeping, a rise of 37% since 2010. An ongoing rise in officially estimated rough sleeper numbers remained evident in 2014, with
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  • State of Shared Lives in England 2016-17 +

    We are pleased to share the State of Shared Lives in England 2016-17 - a comprehensive report about the Shared Lives sector in England. The data in this report, and the analysis we've drawn from it shows us that Shared Lives
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  • State of Shared Lives in Scotland 2018 +

    We are delighted to be able to share an in depth review of the Shared Lives sector in Scotland over the last year. The report provides a statistical breakdown of the number of Shared Lives carers and people being supported,
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  • Shared Lives Cymru State of the Nation report 2018 +

    We are pleased to publish the State of the Nation report for Wales 2018. Despite significant and continuing budgetary pressures, Shared Lives has grown in Wales.  The number of people being supported by Shared Lives has increased by 6%, and
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  • Top tips for safeguarding - ADASS and Shared Lives Plus guidance +

    In a safeguarding scenario, Shared Lives carers may be the alleged source of risk, the person at risk of abuse or neglect, or the supporter of a person who is at risk of abuse. They can sometimes feel powerless and
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  • Independent review of Shared Lives for older people and people living with dementia +

    We know Shared Lives can make a real difference to help people with dementia to live well. An independent report generated by PPL supports this, finding that Shared Lives offers several key advantages as a model of support for people
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Shared Lives Plus produces publications in three areas. 

Shared Lives
Including publications and information for Shared Lives Carers, Shared Lives Schemes, Older People, Family Carers, Short Breaks, Socially Excluded Adults, Young People in Transition, Community Groups and for the nations of the UK

Materials to support Homeshare schemes and the Homeshare sector.

Policy, Research and Campaigns
Shared Lives Plus campaigns on issues of importance to our members, as well as promoting Shared Lives and improved outcomes within the care sector. 

In most cases to access these publications you need to be a member of Shared Lives Plus.

Public reports and publications can be found above and in the right hand column. 

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Below you'll find some information about existing research into our work. If you are a researcher who would like to find out more about research and evaluation opportunities in Shared Lives or Homeshare contact us for our research opportunities brochure.

The Shelter Report
Anne Fernie, former Scotland Development Worker for Shared Lives Plus, explains the development of Shared Lives in Scotland which provides community based support for vulnerable people.
pdf

Older Family Carers Project
The Supporting Older Family Carers project has been wholly funded by the Scottish Government.
pdf

Shared Lives and offenders
Personalising offender resettlement has the potential to: provide new solutions to offender....
pdf

Shared Lives sector Report 2016

The Annual Report from Shared Lives Plus whows how the number of people using Shared Lives has grown by 27% in two years

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