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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 15:05

Welcome to our story library

We all love a good story and here we've got many to choose from: tales of extraordinary cirumstances and feats of determination, but many more of the delight of finding ordinary life in trusting relationships. They are all flavoured with personal, yet shared experiences: from dementia to mental ill health, young people stepping into adulthood, exploring sexuality, independence, rediscovering interests and the simple acts of taking care of each other - everyday kindnesses that councils and CCGs across the UK invest in and want to see more of in their communities. Like all stories, we sometimes catch a glimpse of ourselves within in them. We hope our library inspires you with the inclusivity, fairness and hope of a world we are creating together. With thanks to everyone who has written their chapter. 

If you have a story you would like to share, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we would love to hear from you! Please use this consent form so we know you are happy for us to use your story and photos in public.  

I was sectioned, but being part of family life has been so crucial to my recovery, Derek, Bolton, February 2019 

"I just wanted more independence", VIDEO, Jade, 23 who lives with Adam and Sam in Heywood, January 2019, Radio 5 Live

"Our lives get better when they're shared", VIDEO, Birmingham City Council Shared Lives carers, January 2019

Breast cancer survivor, Christina, moves home after Shared Lives carers help with recovery, December 2018

Gloucestershire Shared Lives video shows their support for people with dementia, mental ill health, learning and physical disability, December 2018

"I buy my own clothes because I became an adult. I buy all of them myself." VIDEO, Kurtis, 18, Sheffield

"They look after me in a way that makes me feel like a member of their own family", Kim, Paisley, November 2018 

"Does my heart look big in this?!", Arabella Weir, TV actress and comedienne, goes looking for everyday kindness and finds two unrelated people living an extraordinary life together - VIDEO, November 2018

When Sinead wanted to move out of her parents’ home, the only option offered to her was a residential care home, but at 26 years old... Sinead, London, October 2018 

"Let's not just accept people, let us behold, value, respect and learn from them," Rita's experience with young people and gender transition, October 2018

"People are not doing things for me all the time, and this makes me happy" James Rosborough, Ambassador, October 2018

"I have never wanted to be anyone else, I am far too happy being me", Nick Sayers, Ambassador, October 2018

"We are all pretty cool in our own way" Rachel Turner, Ambassador, October 2018 

"Everyone – no matter their impairment - has potential," Keith, West Sussex, traces his Sri Lankan heritage on a trip of a lifetime, August 2018

"It's finding the right chemistry" Sharisse, John and Paul, Birmingham, August 2018

"He's got his personality back" Darren Brooks and Tony Kirby, Hertfordshire, July 2018

"We need to give more people the chance of happiness, like the happiness Shared Lives gave to me" Meg who experienced mental ill health, July 2018

"Our relationship is built on a solid foundation of equality and mutual respect" Chris and Ali, Birmingham, June 2018

"Sarah is part of my family" the housesharing scheme for adults" Manchester, The Guardian, 18 May 2018

"How ordinary homes can fight mental ill health" Chris, Stuart, Doug, Hampshire, 15 May 2018

"Part of the family": the strangers brought together by sharing a home" The Guardian, March 2018, Andy and George in Manchester who Homeshare, and Jonathan and Alison who do Shared Lives





Karen and Phillip