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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 15:13

Shared Lives Cymru State of the Nation Report 2017

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Wales is the first of the four UK nations to have Shared Lives services across almost every Local Authority area.

Shared Lives is a regulated form of social care delivered by Shared Lives carers, who are approved by a registered Shared Lives scheme. Local authorities or Third Sector organisations can run schemes. In Wales, all schemes are regulated and inspected by the Care and Social Services InspectorateWales (CSSIW).

In Shared Lives, an approved individual or family includes an older or disabled person in their family and community life.

Shared Lives schemes are increasingly offering support more widely to people with mental health conditions, young people in transition, vulnerable adults or those suffering from addiction, as well as those with learning disabilities and older people needing support to manage their health.

pdfShared Lives Cymru State of the Nation Report 2017

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Below you'll find some information about existing research into our work. If you are a researcher who would like to find out more about research and evaluation opportunities in Shared Lives or Homeshare contact us for our research opportunities brochure.

The Shelter Report
Anne Fernie, former Scotland Development Worker for Shared Lives Plus, explains the development of Shared Lives in Scotland which provides community based support for vulnerable people.
pdf

Older Family Carers Project
The Supporting Older Family Carers project has been wholly funded by the Scottish Government.
pdf

Shared Lives and offenders
Personalising offender resettlement has the potential to: provide new solutions to offender....
pdf

Shared Lives sector Report 2016

The Annual Report from Shared Lives Plus whows how the number of people using Shared Lives has grown by 27% in two years

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