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  • Homeshare UK Sector Report 2017 +

    We are thrilled to report that demand for Homeshare continues to grow with a remarkable eightfold increase in enquiries plus steady growth in both the numbers of people using Homeshare (9%) and the numbers of operating schemes (37.5%) in part
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  • Your Voice Counts - January 2015 +

     Your Voice Counts (YVC) is a Charity that provides Advocacy support ‐ mostly for people with learning disabilities. Established in 1991 they provide a broad range of services across the North East. They are a user led organization; 7 of our
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  • Shared Lives Cymru State of the Nation Report 2017 +

    SHARED LIVES IN WALES Wales is the first of the four UK nations to have Shared Lives services across almost every Local Authority area. Shared Lives is a regulated form of social care delivered by Shared Lives carers, who are approved
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  • The State of Shared Lives In England 2017 +

    The State of Shared Lives In England 2017 The Shared Lives sector has continued to grow over the past year by 580 people (5%). Since the first national survey in 2012/13 the number of people using Shared Lives has increased
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  • The State of Shared Lives In Scotland 2016 +

    The demographic changes that Scotland faces in the coming years challenge those of us that work in the health and social care sector to re-evaluate the way that care is delivered at a time when available resources are reducing. Integration and
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  • The State of Shared Lives in Northern Ireland +

    The State of Shared Lives in Northern Ireland - Report 2015-2016Shared Lives Plus is the UK network for shared living approaches to care and support for disabled or older people. We provide advice and support to Shared Lives schemes and carers.
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  • Evaluation of the Shared Lives Plus Growth Project +

    Evaluations of the Shared Lives Plus Growth Project - PSSRU, Kent University In Shared Lives  an individual who needs support, moves in with or regularly visits an approved Shared Lives carer with who they have been matched for compatibility. Whilst Shared
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  • Collaborative Healthcare - Supporting CCGs and HWBs to support Integrated Personal Commissioning and Collaborative Care +

    Collaborative_healthcare_-IC_final.pdf A report by Inclusive Change, the national partnership set up to help people “live good lives in good places”, and its partners, showing how small-scale community projects are already delivering major health benefits and savings in communities across the UK.
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Shared Lives Plus produces publications in three areas. 

Shared Lives
Including publications and information for Shared Lives Carers, Shared Lives Schemes, Older People, Family Carers, Short Breaks, Socially Excluded Adults, Young People in Transition, Community Groups and for the nations of the UK

Materials to support Homeshare schemes and the Homeshare sector.

Policy, Research and Campaigns
Shared Lives Plus campaigns on issues of importance to our members, as well as promoting Shared Lives and improved outcomes within the care sector. 

In most cases to access these publications you need to be a member of Shared Lives Plus.

Public reports and publications can be found above and in the right hand column. 

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Below you'll find some information about existing research into our work. If you are a researcher who would like to find out more about research and evaluation opportunities in Shared Lives or Homeshare contact us for our research opportunities brochure.

The Shelter Report
Anne Fernie, former Scotland Development Worker for Shared Lives Plus, explains the development of Shared Lives in Scotland which provides community based support for vulnerable people.
pdf

Older Family Carers Project
The Supporting Older Family Carers project has been wholly funded by the Scottish Government.
pdf

Shared Lives and offenders
Personalising offender resettlement has the potential to: provide new solutions to offender....
pdf

Shared Lives sector Report 2016

The Annual Report from Shared Lives Plus whows how the number of people using Shared Lives has grown by 27% in two years

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