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Independent Shared Lives carer groups

Independent Shared Lives carer support groups

Shared Lives Plus believes that independent Shared Lives carer support groups in each scheme can be invaluable in resolving issues and improving services.

Talking to a scheme worker or manager on some issues such as respite or payment can be intimidating for some people, because those relationships tend to place more power with the scheme worker.

In a support group people can speak collectively through elected representatives or spokespeople. In this way individuals can draw attention to particular issues without feeling vulnerable or exposed.

Being part of an independent Share Lives carer support group can help Shared Lives carers feel less alone and more understood. Support can come in the form of conversation and sharing experiences and resources or by simply listening to others.
Support groups enable people to work together to solve their own problems.

If you are in a Shared Lives carer group and want to network with others or if you want support to set up your own group please contact Emma Hill our Shared Lives carer support and dvelopment offiicer.

If you re a tweeter why not let us know what your group has been up to? Use the hashtags #SharedLivescarer and #indiegroups

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Independent Shared Lives carer Publications

Download our complete guide to setting up an Independent Carer Group, which includes information on practicalities and helpful hints on meeting places.

pdfIndependent Shared Lives carer Group Guide