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Schemes in Wales

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There are 12 schemes in Wales, providing services to over 700 people.  For an up to date report on Shared Lives in Wales, have a look at our Report.

Wales schemes

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Wales Focus - Publications

State of the Nation Report 2017: Shared Lives Cymru

Wales is the first of the four UK nations to have Shared Lives services across almost every Local Authority area.

Shared Lives is a regulated form of social care delivered by Shared Lives carers, who are approved by a registered Shared Lives scheme. Local authorities or Third Sector organisations can run schemes. In Wales, all schemes are regulated and inspected by the Care and Social Services InspectorateWales (CSSIW).

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Shared Lives in Wales 2013

These reports give an accurate snapshot of Shared Lives/Adult Placement in Wales in 2013. These package includes:

Shared Lives/Adult Placement in Wales 2013 in both pdfWelsh and pdfEnglish
An Executive Summary in both pdfEnglish and pdfWelsh.

Business Case for Shared Lives in Wales
Please see attached pdfBusiness case for Shared Lives in Wales

DG S Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg - Welsh Language Scheme

The Welsh Language Scheme outlines how the organisation will ensure the provision of bilingual services and operations in a context where the Welsh language has official status in Wales. pdfDownload here.

Mae’r Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg yn amlinellu sut bydd y sefydliad yn sicrhau darparu gwasanaethau a gweithrediadau dwyieithog mewn cyd-destun lle mae gan y Gymraeg statws swyddogol yng Nghymru. pdfDownload Yma

Response to the Social Services (Wales) Bill 2012
Shared Lives Plus has recently responded to the consultation for the new Social Services (Wales) Bill. The Bill if passed will be the first piece of major legislation since the Welsh Government received enhanced powers. Proposals range from strengthening the role of local government and partnership working in social care, a common core approach to assessment with a focus on outcomes, portability of assessments, national eligibility criteria, more rights for carers (including shared Lives carers), extending Direct Payments and strengthening safeguarding arrangements. (July 2013) pdfDownload Here

Response to the Strategy for Older People in Wales 2013
The Strategy for Older People in Wales (Phase 3) 2013-2023 - Consultation Response from Shared Lives Plus pdfDownload Here