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Friday, 12 August 2016 13:00

The latest on “Scaling up Shared Lives in Healthcare”

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Hello and welcome to our second “Scaling up Shared Lives in Healthcare” blog. We’ve been very busy the past couple of weeks and would like to keep you all updated on what we are doing.

As you may know in May this year, CCG’s and NHS trusts England were asked to write to us at Shared Lives Plus, to express their interest in applying for match funding to develop Shared Lives in their local area for people with healthcare needs. After applying some shortlisting criteria to each of the expressions of interest we invited areas in England to write up more detailed project plans, budgets, and formalise their initial ideas. The pro forma template we created with the expertise of the wider Shared Lives Plus team was finalised. This allowed the areas that were successful in the first round to work up their projects to continue their applications for match funding through the programme.

They have been telling us how they see the Shared Lives model being used, to be able to support the local needs and priorities of their local government. We are really excited to see how they think they can make it happen.

We are starting to arrange dates to go and visit each of the areas and visit all of the project leads at their CCG and Shared Lives schemes. Each of the areas is still and application process with none of them being agreed yet or match funding. We would really like to involve Shared Lives carers in the process and will be looking to include their existing Shared Lives carers in these early conversations. Shared Lives Plus want to ensure that they know about the programme and the amazing potential for their local areas.

The Shared Lives model supports people who have needs which make it hard for them to live on their own. It matches people who may have a learning disability, dementia, mental health problems or other needs to Shared Lives carers. They share their family and lives, get care and support whilst getting involved and building relationships in the community.

Shared Lives can improve people’s quality of life, it did for Anne. She is a vulnerable lady with a moderate learning disability. Anne came to Shared Lives due to her vulnerability and needs around her care and support. In the start she had difficulty walking and used a wheelchair frequently to get around. She had low self-esteem and confidence and had very poor eyesight. After moving in with her Shared Lives carer Georgia, it was apparent that Anne’s mobility problems stemmed from wearing ill-fitting shoes. It was also discovered that her poor eyesight was due to wearing glasses that were not prescribed for her.

Her first days with her Shared Lives carer were spent having her eyes tested and purchasing new glasses, buying new shoes and a whole new wardrobe of outfits that she chose and having her hair done at the hairdressers. Ann has a new lease of life, she enjoys spending time at the gardens where she works and has a good friendship with Georgia and the other members of Shared Lives carer’s family and friends. They have holidays abroad and in the UK.

Anne said “I love Georgia; I have a lovely bedroom and a nice comfortable bed with my own telly”. Georgia believes that Ann has “found her voice”; she is making choices for herself and is becoming a confident young woman.

Thanks for reading our latest blog, we’ll continue to keep you all updated on what is going on in the exciting months ahead.

You can get more information and read our previous blog here

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