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Growing Shared Lives in my area

Strategic advice and support for local authority and health commissioners

“My Shared Lives carers helped turn on the light in my darkest times, when no one else could, and through that, I was able to grow as a person and find happiness. True happiness.”
Leanne, 20, who found support through Shared Lives.

Turning stories into numbers - My Shared Life

If all areas caught up with the best performing, around 34,944 people would be supported in Shared Lives arrangements with actual total annual savings of over £225 million in addition to cost avoidance with reduced trips to A&E, GPs, hospital admissions and reduced reliance on community health services.

Read about our work with local authority and health commissioners

Transformation programmes such as NHS England’s Integrated Personalised Commissioning (IPC) programme, describe a whole-system change towards an experience of health and care services which is more personalised, more empowering and less isolating.

Local systems tend to agree with these changes in principle, but struggle with:
• What they look like ‘on the ground’ in terms of behaviour changes and new models of care
• How to reconcile those shifts with the day-to-day pressures facing the health and care system
• How to join up NHS and council ‘personalisation’ programmes.
We work with other asset-based organisations, such as those in the recent Six Innovations report, on taking a whole area approach. See inside page to find out more about asset-based thinking in the paper written by our Chief Executive, Alex Fox OBE.

Shared Lives and Homeshare are personalised and community-based models of care and support. Councils, more recently NHS England and a number of CCGs are developing them as integrated care models: a tangible way of embedding asset-based practice.

Total Transformation of Care and Support: Creating the five year forward view for social care

The Asset-based Area

Six Innovations in Social Care